Saturday, 15 February 2014

All or nothing!

Well it's been so long since I lasted posted, I thought, a new year a better blogger but unfortunately it just hasn't happened as yet. My excuse is that I have been very busy at my full time job looking after the children and staff at the nursery. I have however made some cards that I hope you will enjoy looking at today. With the weather being so horrible at the moment and being half term, I am hoping to have time for a play in my craft room so maybe just maybe there might be some more posts next week but please don't hold me to it!

Enjoy and take care
Dawn x

Stamps - Kanban Crafts

Stamps - Hexley Transport by Inky Doodles and Sentiment by Dreamees

Stamps - Sheena Douglass 'Falling Feathers'

Stamps - Aly's Inky Fingers 'Fluttering Flourishes'

Stamps - Aly's Inky Fingers 'Fluttering Flourishes'

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