Sunday, 4 May 2014

Promarker Storage

Just had to show you all my Promarker storage idea as I was so happy with the finished project. I had been storing my pens in elastic bands and vertically in a box since I started buying them but recently I have been using the extra thin nibs that you can buy separately. Well every time I went to use one the ink had accumulated in the lid, now I not sure whether you are meant to keep the thin nibs on the pens but I am sure it's was the fact I had them stored vertically rather than horizontal. I had been watching Sam of Pootles Papercraft on Youtube and she makes all different types of boxes, I managed to adapt the slim line embossing folder box to hold 12 Promarkers stuck three together and built it up into the box. I then used some aperture framing card to make the outside of the box and decorated with 12x12 papers. I haven't done it too fancy as I have other things on top and at the sides of it on my desk but it has worked a treat.It should fit all 148 original colours (I only have 15 to go)plus I have 12 special editions in it too.

Hope you like it, and do take a look and the wonderful Pootles Papercraft on Youtube such an inspiration.

Dawn. x 

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